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Auckland city is full of coffee lovers, we ventured all over the CBD in search of the best espresso. These are some of the flat whites we tried.


chuffed coffee

To describe this coffee in one word: lovely. The body was rich with a sweet natural flavour but not too heavy, it went down warm and smooth. Hidden on High Street, the Chuffed café was much bigger than I expected and the cuppa came quick. Chuffed Coffee freshly roasts pure Arabica beans to create a natural, flavour-filled coffee with hints of nuts in the taste and an earthy aroma. It’s a smooth coffee with a punch. If you’re ever in the area, or even not in the area, definitely make a stop at Chuffed Coffee.




I went to Elliot Stables on Elliot Street to try Allpress coffee at a little café called Reslau. I went in expecting a thick, flavour-filled, strong and heavy coffee with the kind of reputation that Allpress has. Instead I got light, soft, sweet coffee that was gone in 30 seconds. Although it was not what I was expecting, this coffee was smooth and plain with a tang to it. It was a little weak and watery but there was a cloudy feel to it that made it easy to consume so quickly.


Caffe L’affare

Imperial Lane

This flat white tasted more like a cappuccino. The body was very thick and heavy which was great, but with not much acidity it felt like the basic espresso flavour was missing, although the chocolaty aroma added to the flavour. Fresh roasted at the Imperial Lane café, the place was filled with people, there was good music blasting and very friendly service. I enjoyed the coffee, it had a strong body but unfortunately not enough of the strong hit that people look for in their morning coffee.




Federal & Wolfe

On the corner of Federal Street and Wolfe Street is the popular café – Federal & Wolfe. I went here to try a cup of Kokako coffee and waited in the crowded café longer than I would’ve liked. The first thing I noticed when I sipped this coffee was how dry it was, which is disappointing because it definitely didn’t go with the thick richness of the body. The coffee smelled strong and tasted even stronger, leaving that espresso taste in your mouth long after the cup was finished. Overall I think it would make a good wakeup call, but there was nothing particularly satisfying or enjoyable about this flat white.


Coffee Supreme

Giles Luncheonette

This is the kind of coffee I need to wake me up in the morning. The acidity and strongness overpowered everything else in this flat white, it was hot and there was a distinct roasted, burnt bean flavour to it, it wasn’t bitter but it kept it from going down smooth. The body was light, no froth, no thickness, no messing around, just straight, coffee. It’s a good coffee if a strong hit is what you’re looking for, but there was nothing to it to make it lasting and enjoyable, but I guess that’s why Giles Luncheonette was filled with businessmen, they need a good, quick coffee to get back to business.



Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent, a little café on Federal Street served me this flat white that almost tasted as if it was heaven sent. This flat white was perfectly balanced, not too watery and not so thick that you choke if you drink too fast. The aroma had a pleasant, natural flavour with a whiff of freshly burnt (in the good way) beans. Heaven Scent was the perfect quiet spot to enjoy this coffee, the only thing keeping the coffee from being perfect was its lack of punch, maybe next time it’ll be a little stronger and it would be the #1 on my list.


Words by Remo Smith

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