getting through a creative block

“I find it easier to be creative when you’re not trying to be creative”


Age: 24. Occupation/Describe what you do: I’m a director at Motion Sickness Studio, head of Arts & Design, and contribute to creative and content. I also make beats. How do you get through a Creative Block? I don’t know. I mean, I have theories, and things I try, but I’m not really sure if any of them work. Mostly I guess it’s just time. If I’m having trouble with a certain design, or concept, or beat, I just leave it for a little while. Work on something else, or just do something else all together, like go for a walk, or eat some salami. Then come back, get in the right environment, and give it another ago. Usually, once I fall into it and focus, it all clicks. Where can we find you?


Age: 25. Occupation/Describe what you do: Creative Director & Founder of Motion Sickness How do you get through a Creative Block? Generally I find it easier to be creative when you’re not trying to be creative. Most of my ideas occur when I am not at work, usually out and about exploring, talking to mates or even driving. When I do hit a creative block I find getting out of the city and going away for the weekend really helps. Taking dip in the ocean and surrounding yourself with nature really clears the head it also gives your thoughts room to breathe. I feel some peoples immediate reaction to a creative block it to try and work through it…If you have the luxury of time I would advise doing something completely unrelated to your task – sometimes an idea will just come to you. Where can we find you? @motionsicknessstudio on Instagram / Motion Sickness Studio on Facebook


Age: 25. Occupation / Describe what you do: I currently have two jobs so life does get a bit hectic. Every morning, I work as a pattern maker at Karen Walker then in the afternoons, evenings and weekends; I work on my own women’s wear label. At the moment I’m doing everything from design, pattern making and sampling right through to dispatch myself, which can be extremely testing at times. How do you get through a creative block? Most of the time when I’m creating, there is an absolute mess around me. I’ll get so involved in what I’m doing that it seems there just isn’t enough time to deal with it, but it also puts me in a semi-frantic state and there’s only so far I can get. Sooner or later the creative process comes to a halt, which is usually when I realize I need to take a step back and refresh my workspace. When I’m preoccupied by something else is usually when a great idea will hit me, and I have to scramble to write it down before it slips my mind. Where can we find you: for our online store, or @ rachelmillsofficial on Instagram


Age: 21. Occupation/Describe what you do: I am a qualified interior designer, currently working as a stylist for a company called Living Edge interiors. I style the interiors for residential/ commercial properties. My weekly routine is to view at least three properties and collate together a scheme using furniture and decor that works with the clients brief/era and style of the property as well as the general aesthetic, current colour and textile trends, and overall use of spaces. It’s like playing with adult doll houses. How do you get through a creative block? Creative blocks are generally quite common for me in the design industry, it is part of the challenge and keeps everyday interesting… It usually leads to something great once the hurdle is over! Getting through the creative block usually requires some kind of inspiration. I’m the type of person who feels no wrong in taking ideas and inspiration from other great work and building up something greater from that! Whether it’s asking a colleague, client or friend for an opinion, or jumping online, as it’s so easy these days to seek inspo on social media blogs and what not. Pinterest is my number one tool for finding that idea to give my visions a kick-start! Where can we find you? my online portfolio


Age: 24. Occupation/Describe what you do: I am a commercial photographer. Together my wife and I run a creative agency, Hollow Creative, specializing in fine art photography, videography & design. How do you get through a Creative Block? When facing a creative block there are a couple of ways I’ve found break through. Both options are in some way an escape for inspiration. I like to take the weekend off with my wife and go on an adventure, exploring somewhere new. There are so many amazing small towns and destinations within 3 hours of drive of Auckland. Typically we’ll pick somewhere we haven’t been before and go explore it. Another way I find break through is to find my ‘happy place’ for me that’s on my motorcycle. Where can we find you?


Age: 23. Occupation/Describe what you do: Graphic Designer. How do you get through a Creative Block? To get through a creative block there are a few steps I go through: Step 1 is to take a break and clear my head. I’ll go for a run or a walk along the beach, Step 2 is looking at the project as a whole and figuring out what is missing or what isn’t working. I’ll then have a look back at my original mood boards for some creative inspiration. If this still doesn’t inspire me then I’ll spend a little bit of time online or have a look through some design books, Step 3 is writing a list of what I need to achieve and the actions I need to take to get to the final outcome. Then I put my head down and do my best to get through that list. Where can we find you?

Photography by Sable Heath

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