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Over the summer I was in a campground, it came to my attention that there are very different age groups and society groups that divide the holiday parks. It is easy to spot these stereotypes through the different material items they own:

The Teenagers:  The largest group and the loudest group. A couple of underage kids sneakily drinking RTD’s with their short denims and imitation basketball tanks. With their iPhones glued to their hands, they are ready to snap their next Instagram photo and Snapchat video. The great thing is these teens usually have a talent of turning the plain campground and what many adults would consider as cheap accommodation, into a lively holiday spot for the next 3 nights.

The Uni Students: Amongst the groups of Teenagers you might spot some of the ‘Uni’ students. They are a little older and they’ve come to celebrate their well-deserved summer after a stressful year of study. These students know how to save money, as they will be living off 2-minute noodles and their choice of drink is a $10 Sav or a 12 pack of VB’s that was on special at the liquor store. They don’t have quality food but they still look slick, wearing designer brands from head to toe.

The Travelers: These are the easygoing campers that have come to enjoy the nature and discover new places. Some of them are from across the country, some from overseas. They travel light, most likely staying in a tiny tent.  You will probably only see them if you’re up early enough as they sleep just after sunset and wake up at sunrise.  They’ll be eating healthy snacks and wearing protective gears. These Travelers will keep the kitchen and bathroom clean, not really leaving a trace behind making them the best people to have as your neighbours on your stay.

The Parents: This group has activity and comfort written all over them. They run the holiday park being the group that stays the longest and owns the most items, ranging from every type of cream, sunblock, bug spray to long-loved ‘I love Mum’ mugs. From countless boogie boards to portable DVD players. At breakfast, lunch and dinner the Parents cook amazing meals with a smell that lingers long after they leave the kitchen, taking it into their large tents and cabins that you long envy. The dad wears awkward shorts with one too many pockets and mum wears comfortable turtleneck jumpers, unaware of how trendy she actually looks.

The 60 and older: Usually a senior couple trying to have a peaceful holiday. They carry a newspaper and a book wherever they go with their pullout chairs ready. Comfortably wearing their cushioned pair of Hush puppies that we hate to admit will have to wear one day. On their plates they eat comfort food such as soups, pasta, steaks and roast vegetables with a classy glass of wine to accompany it. They keep to themselves and mind their own business and they give off a strong presence as if they are the Bill Murrays and Meryl Streep’s of the campgrounds. There’s always a small moment of joy when they pass you with a gracious smile and a friendly hello.

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