We talked to owner and creative director Kellie Taylor about their A/W15 collection.

What has moochi been working on over last summer?

A lot of planning for our autumn/winter drops! Before the christmas break we finished autumn designs for our moochi mainline label, more casual 6 and 7 label, and our elevated COLLECTION styles; and since returning to the design room in January, it’s been all about Winter Dress Week – hitting the ground running creating the concept and designs for our always highly anticipated annual release of opulent winter dresses. We also had the opportunity over summer to work on a fun little project with one of our favourite New Zealand born fashion bloggers, Jessie Bush from We The People.

Jessie took to the road to complete the ultimate Kiwi road trip equipped with the ultimate moochi summer wardrobe. For us, this was a really fun way to show how our summer range looks and feels in real life – on the beach, out for lunch and on the road.

The A/W 15 collection is a stunning range from detailed print to statement fringed pieces, that is all presented in a clean, minimal style, what were your inspirations for this collection?

Our autumn COLLECTION release really marked a shift in colour and mood for the new season that took us from our bright, playful summer range to a richer, more luxurious autumn look.

The inspiration came through exploring themes of 90s rock culture, modern utilitarian street style and south-west bohemia. While individually, these themes may seem quite different to one another, we enjoyed the challenge of bringing them together with key details like suede fringing, a khaki colourway and abstract snake print to tell a new story. As with all our collections, our designs always reflect a ‘moochi’ perspective, so wherever the inspiration comes from, we always try to tell that story in our own way and in a way that our customer will love – that’s where the clean, minimal ‘moochi’ style comes from!

It is known that Moochi has a wide range of not only clothes but also accessories such as hats, bag, scarves, wallets, jewellery and shoes. Were these accessories created to further compliment the Moochi look?

Absolutely. We’re really lucky to now be able to design the moochi full look, from head to toe. Sometimes it’s in the little things that the vision really comes together! While the production process quite simply a little bit crazy – at the moment we create our shoe designs ourselves and work closely with our makers to get every little detail spot on before they create each one individually by hand – we love our bespoke pieces, they are made in very small quantities and are quite special.

All designers have their own process for accessory production that works for them, and while ours may not be the easiest or most sensible way, it allows us total control of the final look. We really do it for love of the pieces, more than for good business sense and I think our customers appreciate that.

As a designer, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced over the years?

Unlike many creative industries our creative timeframe is quite short and at least every season you start again with a blank canvas, hoping the ‘new’ creative will be as loved as the last seasons work.

We used to totally turn the stores over twice a year, however over time we realised this wasn’t necessary as our most loved designs were not good for only one season – they’re quite timeless for our customers. Now we use these as building blocks for the new season lines, mixing tried and true styles with new pieces to create something that’s fresh.

What would you consider your most loved garment from the A/W 15 range?

This is such a hard question to answer so early in the season – as we speak, there are still so many amazing designs to come!

I am really excited to deliver our lambswool knitwear story into stores. From this range, the ‘lamby sweater’ is must have. I am also really loving the ‘harley culotty’. Culottes continue to be such a key shape for the season and in this leather look finish, they make everything feel so right, right now. Later in the season we will launch our 6 and 7 all-over ‘typo’ graphic print which is a fun nod to the 80’s – in bold black and white, I can’t wait to wear this print with my more casual outfits.

2015 is an interesting time for fashion, social media plays a large part in the fashion industry, has this helped Moochi expand as a brand to a wider audience?

It has certainly allowed us to open up the conversation with our customers a lot more. Our weekly email used to be our most

important communication moment with our customers, but with our social media audience ever growing, we’re now able to have daily conversations with them. This means they receive the most up to date information on what’s arriving in store and what events we have coming up, as well as providing us with a great platform for gaining feedback on what they’re loving and what they would like to see more of.

Lastly, what can we expect next from Moochi?

2015 is set to be a big year for us. Last year we saw our team grow significantly and together we have developed some big ideas and plans for the brand. This will of course include producing more clothes to make life better, the launch of a new website and online shopping experience, better technology in store to enhance that

experience and hopefully the opening of a few new stores. We also have some fun collaborations in the pipeline… but you’ll have to stay tuned for more info on those!

Interview & photography by Leena Park

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