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A collection of some new and powerful songs about fame, pain, love and anger, everything we’ve been feeling going into this 2017 winter, sung by some of our favourite female singers and bands.

An upbeat but also melancholic song about being out of touch with your feelings. The dream-pop synths and punchy drums contrast the lyrics about – as the band explains – “the realisation that most things have an ending… Relationships end, friendships change over time, and the ideas of life you thought would stick to your mind suddenly seem pointless and vague”

The opening track to Girlpools newest album coming out in May. ‘123’ starts off with the soft and sweet familiarity of singers Cleo and Harmony as they whisper melodies over their folk guitars, it then bursts into a full band ballad, belting out their emotions, the simple but poignant lyrics detail a relationship that is both toxic and loving. We’ve all been there.

Perhaps the heaviest song to come out of the Swedish duo’s discography, ‘You Are The Problem Here’ is a passionate and angry song directed at rapists and those that perpetrate rape through lenient punishments and rap culture. Released on International Woman’s Day, this song is no doubt the kind of anthem we need in times like these.

After returning to the spotlight with ‘Green Light’, Lorde slows down the pace with this slow and heartfelt tune. Probably her most vulnerable song yet, Lorde no longer hides behind cryptic lyrics and layered production, choosing to lay her heart bare as she soulfully sings about the whirlwind of fame and its effect it’s had on her and the people around her.

This high energy dance track is a sugary and luxurious jam to get you pumped and feeling good. With a glowing video and just a overall feelgood vibe we’re excited for Little Dragon’s follow-up to Nabuma Rubberband.

This captivating new single by newcomers ‘Superorganism’ has the internet listening. Blowing up after it appeared on Frank Ocean’s Beats radio show, the 8-piece group from London has created this captivating experimental pop song that features a bouncing bassline, shimmering synth melodies and a flat, deadpan but rhythmic and undeniably cool vocals. Definitely keep your eye on this group.

The indie-pop husband and wife duo are back with another single from their upcoming album. ‘My Emotions Are Blinding’ is another funky track about sexism and the way women are viewed, often reduced to just their bodies. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics add a cleverness to the song while the 80s feeling beat make it a song you can’t help but dancing to.

Leslie Feist has come along way from that sweet girl that sings the song from the iPod ad. ‘Pleasure’ – the title track from her forthcoming album – is a song of pure emotion, it’s a slow-burner for sure, but the payoff is worth it. The raw bluesy feel of the guitar and shaky vocals give life to this moving song.

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