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Illustrator Angelique Sloss discusses her take on the fashion and food trends on Instagram.

Tell us a little bit about your ‘day to day’ lifestyle, about the culture of the city you live in, your background:

My name is Angelique Sloss and I am a freelance creative from Sydney. I have studied fashion and also worked full time in the industry in many roles, which span from Design Production Coordinator to Head Designer and all sorts in between.

Living in Sydney is full of hustle and deadlines. The creative industry itself rarely sleeps and I’m fortunate to be in a city that encourages young professionals.

My ‘day to day’ varies greatly. As well as being responsible for The Envy Edit, I am lucky enough to freelance for a few different international brands on their marketing and design teams as well as lecture at one of Sydney’s design colleges.

When did you first get interested in illustration?

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have always been passionate about art but treated it as more of a hobby. Or something I would dabble in in my down time. I only became quite serious about it last year.

I stepped away from my computer for the first time in a long time and picked up a brush. It had been a while between artworks and I just fell in love all over again.

What influenced you to start The Envy Edit?

Having come from a design background I have always kept my eye on what’s trending and the consumer world. Designing, illustrating and trend forecasting have always been apart of my 5-9. I love to keep busy and make sure my creative juices keep flowing. I wanted something different in my potential blog.

I wanted to combine my love of drawing and my Instagram addiction. Majority of the items drawn reflect what is currently trending/for sale as well as some all time favourites.

Has working with illustration always been a dream of yours?

Yes. I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember, and often find it easy to express myself through illustrations.

As well as illustrating, you put together beautiful pieces of clothes, shoes, makeup, bags and other items into a ‘flat-lay’, have you always been interested in styling?

Thank you, I guess I have, yes. I always try to plan my outfits and of

course when buying something new I dissect my entire wardrobe in my head to make sure it works. I have also styled for collections and photo-shoots for work so I am not a stranger to it on a professional level either.

What items do you love to work with the most when illustrating?

It doesn’t really bother me. I’m happy to try and draw new things all the time, and experiment with new materials when I can.

What could you say is the upside and downside to the creative industry?

From what I have experienced, it is a very competitive industry. This can be a bit of a double edge sword. The competitiveness can be overwhelming at first, but once you find your feet, it encourages you to achieve excellence.

You have ongoing posts online, what motives or inspires you to have consistent posts?

Definitely the support and response I receive from the posts encourages me.

I love drawing and social media; combining the two is just addictive.

What is next for you and The Envy Edit?

There are some exciting things on the way. More focus on my prints that I currently sell as well as the addition of some other products. I would love to continue to grow and expand The Envy Edit in all areas really.

Interview by Leena Park

Photos courtesy of Angelique Sloss

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